For those of you fellows who love Hunger Games and always play most of these tips would come easy to you for newbies some of these tips may be very helpful.

Tip #1:

Always be aware of Hunger Saturation.

If you're not aware of Hunger Saturation it is actually the speed at which your hunger depletes. Certain food such as Rotten Flesh or even Raw Chicken have very low hunger saturation and thus can reduce your hunger in the long run. It is best to eat low hunger saturation food as a last resort.

Tip #2:

Be aware of when to go to the center.

There are circumstances when it's best to go to the center or Cornucopia, however if you have many chests behind you or a clear passageway go there! This way you ensure that you are near many unopened chests before anyone else. Also if you're computer is leggy I suggest not going to the center since most people run that way and that may lag your computer out.

Tip #3:

Be aware of changes in Survival Games in certain servers.

This basically means that every player must know the changes of the survival games in the respected server. For instance, in Mineplex hunger games includes Deep Freeze which can kill a player. For a player that is completely unaware of the Deep Freeze he may be killed by it because of his own ignorance.

Tip #4:

Aim to always be lower than you're enemy.

Don't be above your enemy especially in water and mountain battles. When you are directly underneath enemies your hitbox would be further distance and their's would be much closer.

Tip #5:

Take everything in the chest.

Well, that Rotten Flesh or stick isn't helpful so maybe... No! Never leave out anything from a chest; everything can help. Many people often leave out sticks or iron ingots which could help create a sword. Always take things from chests. The only exception should be leather armor if you have chainmail or iron. You should also take all the weapons you can to prevent others from receiving weapons.

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