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  • I was born on February 11
  • I am Male
  • RedFire11

    Hi. I wanted to share my Seattle Seahawks Stadium (or Century Link Field) that I made by myself from scratch in Minecraft Xbox edition. Here is a picture of the entire thing.

    I have yet to count how many blocks in height, width and length this is, but I know it is gigantic. This took me about 2 weeks in total, about an hour each day working on it. The closest I can come to measuring its size right now is that I know you can fit 2 or 3 small NPC villages in it. I started by making the field first, which I messed up on like a hundred times. Here's a picture of the field.

    I also created scoreboards that actually keep score. I also have a ton of seats, but not as many as the real Century Link Field!

    You can also see the hawks nest, which is the …

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