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  • I live in Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.
  • My occupation is volleyball player
  • I am Flipline trash at home and popular chick in modern society
  • RoseCupid

    Yo m8s. It is de Poptart here. Matured and such after 2 years. Shamelessly advertising my NameMC profile. Friend me if you have NameMC 😄

    Not clickbait Just fab 👍

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  • RoseCupid

    New Username?

    March 5, 2016 by RoseCupid

    Hi everyone. I acknowledge the fact that I have been extremely inactive on this wikia in the past  few months. Minecraft has possessed me and I am obsessed with it so much I spend most of my online time there.

    Speaking of Minecraft, I have a question. Any feedback you would like to give I will consider.

    My question is... what shall I change my Minecraft IGN to next?

    I have conducted a list of usernames I find suiting for me and I like. Please, if you know anyone with any of the usernames in the following poll, please be honest and comment. I would greatly appreciate it.

    If you want to suggest any usernames for me, please comment! This poll will end in five days I know, I really screwed up with the timing- *kicked*, and the IGN with the most vote…

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  • RoseCupid

    It was a normal Saturday afternoon. One normal girl logged on to her laptop after an errand to the grocery store. Her fingers flew quickly over the keyboard, pressing keys in an almost furious manner.

    The screen went to her desktop. Yes! she thought. She quickly moused over the dirt block icon on her taskbar, and, her eyes wide with excitement, clicked it.


    A screen opened up. It advertised Minecraft version 1.6.44. She began to read the advertisement. It was a bit boring, she thought, but she knew sooner or later it would-

    The large link on the bottom of her screen popped up with the words "Play" on it.

    She clicked it.


    After a moment of downloading, the title screen appeared in front of her eyes.

    Her mind raced furiously as she tried n…

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  • RoseCupid

    The Story of a Miner

    September 8, 2015 by RoseCupid

    Hello everyone~

    I'm CeriseKitty3030, a "new" user on this Wiki. I joined a little bit over a month ago, and due to school and all, I have not had much time to be very active. Please accept my deepest apologies.

    I have a birthday coming up in a few days, and my parents say they may possibly let me download it as a birthday present. If so, I will be making a story titled "The Story of a Miner", and each chapter will focus on my exciting Minecraft experiences. If they ever occur. Each chapter will be one blog post.

    So get ready to see more activity from me! And have a lovely day, all of you~ :D

    UPDATE: Yes, I will be making this, hopefully I'll finish the prologue and first chapter sometime in the next 3-4 days. I haven't began the game yet, beca…

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