It was a normal Saturday afternoon. One normal girl logged on to her laptop after an errand to the grocery store. Her fingers flew quickly over the keyboard, pressing keys in an almost furious manner.

The screen went to her desktop. Yes! she thought. She quickly moused over the dirt block icon on her taskbar, and, her eyes wide with excitement, clicked it.


A screen opened up. It advertised Minecraft version 1.6.44. She began to read the advertisement. It was a bit boring, she thought, but she knew sooner or later it would-

The large link on the bottom of her screen popped up with the words "Play" on it.

She clicked it.


After a moment of downloading, the title screen appeared in front of her eyes.

Her mind raced furiously as she tried not to explode into a burst of excitement.

Ask yourself this: why is she so excited?

Answer yourself: probably because she had a lot of sugar earlier.

We will never know.

Now, here comes the question: Singleplayer Mode or Multiplayer Mode?

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