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    Fixing Minecraft Lag

    September 6, 2013 by Roto123

    Hello all,

    Lately I have been hearing about alot of people complain about lag while playing minecraft. While I have not had this issue because I know how to fix computers and program software (making me somewhat of an expert on PC specs and what makes them lag) I tell my friends what their particular issue is. I found this article and thought I would share it, as it is COMPLETELY correct, and helps people troubleshoot their own machines to figure out what their own personal issue is. Many people don't realize low memory is not the only issue. This info was taken from if you are curious. I think you "Lag complainers" will find it a good read:

    "There are 3 kinds of minecraft lag and 8 things that cause lagging.. You can fix minecra…

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  • Roto123

    Hey everyone,

    blkandwhtlion here (aka roto123 on minecraft),

    I just want to say that I have a RPG server based on a medieval theme. Most of the structures are designed very well and in a medieval fashion. There is PVP and people acting highwayman for your hard earned diamonds or other valuables, but if you want to be respectful you can arm yourself and join or create your own town to defend and work together to prosper.

    The server uses the towny plugin and lwc for anti-griefing, but any theft of non-protected property is permitted so watch out! Anyone on the server is ENCOURAGED to show medieval theme in their town structures, but it is not necessary. However, there will be no spam building allowed near the spawn, anywhere in the wilderness i…

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