Hey everyone,

blkandwhtlion here (aka roto123 on minecraft),

I just want to say that I have a RPG server based on a medieval theme. Most of the structures are designed very well and in a medieval fashion. There is PVP and people acting highwayman for your hard earned diamonds or other valuables, but if you want to be respectful you can arm yourself and join or create your own town to defend and work together to prosper.

The server uses the towny plugin and lwc for anti-griefing, but any theft of non-protected property is permitted so watch out! Anyone on the server is ENCOURAGED to show medieval theme in their town structures, but it is not necessary. However, there will be no spam building allowed near the spawn, anywhere in the wilderness is fair game.

Currently the server is going through a beta phase, where the towns I have made are for everyone to use as they are NPC towns where you can can trade with villagers, shop and utilize the public resources in each town (furnaces, enchanting tables, etc.). The real fun comes in where you can build in your own town, create your own shops and farms to ether supply your friends and build an empire, or simply farm to sell it at the local market for money which can be used to buy equipment or even more land!


message me on this wiki your username in Minecraft and I will whitelist you, not just anyone can join the server, but I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they lose it. The whitelist is in place to ban hackers. Anyone utilizing x-ray mods or even cheating with other means will be banned first chance no chance for redemption or any warning. Please, no cheating, it ruins the fun of the game for everyone.

If this post is in violation of the "advertising" portion of the posting rules my apologies! I will remove it if an admin has not already.

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