The First Day:  A Minecraft Fan-Fiction(unofficial)

   Steve woke up with a start.  He looked around and noticed that the trees were square.  He tried to remember where he was but couldn't.  In frustration, he punched a tree.  As soon as his blocky fingers hit the wood, it shattered, leaving a small floating cube.  Curious, Steve picked it up.  Suddenly, he realized that he could use the wood.   He punched the rest of the tree.
  Then he crafted the wood into planks.  He looked up at the sun.  It was almost midday.  Somehow he knew that the night would bring terrible things.  Suddenly he stumbled and fell.  He dropped some planks on the ground.  Suddenly, they combined into a strange block.  It had tools on the sides and a grid on the top.  He picked it up.  Then he felt a gnawing hunger.  Something nudged him in the side.  He looked down and saw a pig.  "Shoo, pig!" He said, and then, as he looked at the pig, he realized something. The pig was food.  He hit the pig.  It gave a squeal but before it could run, he rased his fist and slew it.  It fell over and desintegrated in the breeze, leaving some raw meat.  Not caring that it was raw, he grabbed it and ate.  Now quite full, he placed down the strange block, a crafting table, and placed some wood on it.


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