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    Per-Page Backgrounds

    October 3, 2017 by SLScool

    Note: due to low submission rate, votes will not be happening. If you want a picture to be in the background, suggest it at the suggestion page, and it'll be reviewed for usage. The default background for the wiki is a repeated grass block texture—except for two articles: Tundra Biome and Endercon. These are pages to demonstrate custom backgrounds that are applied per-page. An example of this on a large scale is Subnautica Wiki; however, since Minecraft does not promote developer-drawn artwork, it'll have to be player-made designs that serve as backgrounds.

    That's where you guys, this wiki's community, come in. The task is simple: create an image that demonstrates and exemplifies the topic of the article and post it on Minecraft Wiki:Per-Page B…

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    Cavities and Wikis

    June 21, 2017 by SLScool

    Not my fault: I had two molars grow in a way that prevents proper brushing of them. So, today, I had them taken care of. A little numbing injection, some drilling, some filling . . . now I can poke my chin and not feel anything (unless I'm using my finger).

    Well, I'm not going on a camping trip this (extended) weekend.

    I recently joined Minecraft Wii U Edition Wikia. Depending on how much time I'm will to invest (or rather, the lack thereof), I may make a page just for acknowledgements. Well, I probably won't; I've only copied one thing over thus far (stub template). If any of you own the Wii U Edition, you could share your knowledge . . . I didn't get permission to advertise like this, but based on Sitb's response to the last ad, it should b…

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    The Random is a Lie

    June 12, 2017 by SLScool

    I'm a martial artist. Today, I had one of my semi-annual tournaments; I scored well. It was right next to my community, but there were some people from about a hundred miles away. The American Youth Outreach Program (AYOP) reaches far. Bad news: I didn't get a trophy. Good news: I'll be getting it when it ships in.

    I used Special:Random. I got Axe/Gallery, Diamond/Gallery, Axe/Gallery, and Diamond Ore/Gallery, before getting Jungle Biome . . . /gallery! It's rigged.

    I say someone (including a bureaucrat) give a bureaucrat the money to host a realm for this wiki. I don't know who'd get invited, though. Rollbacks-and-up because having the tool/rank shows they've been around for some time and other requirements? It's a good idea to have a realm…

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    I already said this in the forums, but Minecraft is being political: one of the Splash Texts is about Covfefe.

    I've also said this in the forums, but this tweet must be retweeted one million times in order to have new bosses added!

    I'll will be absent from the Wiki June 22–26 and July 23–29—in case you care.

    This blog post is shorter than most. I guess there's not a lot to cover.

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    I said 3 days, but it was almost double that. It's not that I'd procrastinated again, it's that I'd forgotten about blogs.

    I don't know what I was expecting: community interaction? Triple subscribers (What's 0×3)? A single comment? Whatever it was, it didn't happen; instead, I'm hoping to be noticed when I won't be, and even then, I won't be satisfied—either because it's not enough or because out of the popularity someone hacks my account and impersonates me, making me look like a conspirist with Russia (I thought that only happened in Russia, but I guess it happens in America, too), or else finally end this sentence with weak grammar.

    I get into Subnautica, play for thirteen hours over the course of a few days, and reach the end of what's be…

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