I was editing the title, and I pressed enter to finish; then, it posted, and now, I'm editing. Well, when you're reading this, it's already edited, but when I'm still editing it, "and now, I'm editing" will be true. Why does life work that way?

The badges are deceptive. I got a "Lucky Edit" badge, but it wasn't an edit—it was a comment! Society these days. . .

Sometime in July, I'll have a blog post with 96 paragraphs. Why? One of them's for explaining the other 95.

This wasn't an excuse to get the blogging badge; well, it was, but that's entirely besides the point, the point being that I'm finally making a blog post.

That'll be all for today. I don't know how often I'll do this, or for how long—I do know that it'll go at least to mid-July-ish.

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