I'm a martial artist. Today, I had one of my semi-annual tournaments; I scored well. It was right next to my community, but there were some people from about a hundred miles away. The American Youth Outreach Program (AYOP) reaches far. Bad news: I didn't get a trophy. Good news: I'll be getting it when it ships in.

I used Special:Random. I got Axe/Gallery, Diamond/Gallery, Axe/Gallery, and Diamond Ore/Gallery, before getting Jungle Biome . . . /gallery! It's rigged.

I say someone (including a bureaucrat) give a bureaucrat the money to host a realm for this wiki. I don't know who'd get invited, though. Rollbacks-and-up because having the tool/rank shows they've been around for some time and other requirements? It's a good idea to have a realm for this wiki, but it'd take a lot to have it properly executed. Besides, what'd it be: creative or survival? Maybe two realms, one for each . . .

I'm also a Boy Scout. Depending if I can find some old paperwork of mine, I may or may not be out 22–26.