The Policy

As this wiki keeps growing alot more editors will come and try to help, to make this wiki more organized. The Policy has had a major overhaul I highly recommend everyone to read the new Policy, the guidelines are be merging with the Policy as well.

If you are to lazy to click the link that directs you to our new Policy then please read below:

There are some Rules and Guidelines to follow that the Minecraft Wikia has. If you would like to suggest a new rule contact one of our active Administrators.

Rules to make the Wiki run smoothly


  1. All edits should be made in Good Faith.
  2. Make all edits with the intent of improving an article.
  3. If you have any questions please contact an active sysop.
  4. Use Common Sense.
  5. Try to avoid uploading JPEG or JPG images.


  1. DO NOT plagiarize (Yes we will know if you copy from the other wiki) This will result in a permanent ban after a first warning.
  2. Do not Create spam articles.
  3. Do not Vandalize articles or content from any type of page.
  4. Do not upload an image if you do not plan to add it to a page. If the image isn't on a page it'll be deleted immediately.
  5. Do not ask users for their passwords to the game or on Wikia.
  6. No Flaming.
  7. No Raging.
  8. Do not use Inappropriate Language of any kind.
  9. Do not create a category without an Admin's permission.
  10. Do not make edits to just earn badges.

Breaking one of these rules will result in a warning, if the users ignores the warning and does it again it will result in a block.

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