So one day I was simply mining in one of my games on single player. It was a great map too. I found this massive caver that I swear went all the way down to the void and had thousands of secret caverns with ravines and minerals. Anyway, I was near an enemy spawner I had just finished off (Skeleton spawner. Nice goods too.) when I fell down a hole nearby. Normally I'd be pissed I fell and got hurt this deep in, but I discovered something amazing. It lead to this massive chamber of lava and Obsidian. But that wasn't all. I also found...DIAMONDS! MY FIRST FIND!! I had never seen legit diamonds before so I was giddy. Bad news was across the pond/small lake of lava. Luckily the room was short, so all I had to do was make the lava harden and I could walk across. So naturally I go to get a bucket of water. I do, come back, turn all the lava into obsidian, remove the water I just used, and light the area with torches. Finally I'm able to go across and mine the diamond. It was a good vein too. 4 diamonds. I bet that's somewhat rare to find. So I mine all 4 and head back up with 4 new shiny diamonds. I get out with no trouble (Lucky me huh?) and quickly run into my house to make stuff with it. The first thing I made was a jukebox cause I always wanted one. I get the recipe, spawn it out and BOOM. New Jukebox. I put it away for later and start crafting again. This is where I was a dip shit. Instead of making a pickaxe to mine that Obsidian...I crafted a diamond sword. GOD I'M FUCKING DUMB. I only had one diamond left! I didn't know you needed a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian! I would have undone it...but I couldn't cause Minecraft doesn't work that way. Let's just say I hated myself for a few days. God damn it...

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