This blog entry is primarily for my own use, a place where I can remind myself of improvement projects which I will attempt to explore in the long-term. Although this is mostly a reminder-list for myself, feel free to engage in discussion with me if you like, regarding any of these points.

Long-term projects:

Add more internal wiki links

  • Anywhere, if it looks like it would be beneficial to activate them within a given article.
  • This is an ongoing task that will likely never be complete. There is always room to better link articles to one another.

Category cleanup

  • Remove duplicate categories, simplify/re-name existing ones, and remove improper category designation from articles

Add more infoicons to articles

  • Make use of the newly-repaired ItemLink and BlockLink templates, to add more item and/or block icons to articles (where appropriate).

Replace external links with internal

  • Replace links to competing Minecraft Wikis and if necessary, create new pages here on our own wiki covering those topics.
  • Add images to the wiki, replacing links to those external images.

Side projects:

Modernize wiki navigation bar

  • Improve the appearance and navigability of Minecraft Wiki's navigation bar.

Update wiki background

  • Update Minecraft Wiki's background wallpaper with a newer, cross-section image capture from Minecraft.

Modify Template:Blocks

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