Herobrine is a player mob who roams in your world with a default skin, he watches from a distance in the world. I will tell you about his story, our story begins on a player starting a new world in minecraft alpha. After he got some wood, he saw a mystery man in the fog. Once he saw the man, he tried to make a topic on the minecraft forums, but five minutes later, the topic was deleted, he tried making more and more topics, but it kept being deleted quicker and quicker. He was sent a message from username "Herobrine" saying stop, he messaged the creator of minecraft forums and the creator said they all saw the mystery man. The man messaged Notch (Minecraft Creator) and Notch said he used to have a brother, but he is no longer with him. So miners shall beware. The mystery man shall haunt us. -Skyfall4life




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