• Sprattiehunt

    If I could make any modit would be the:


    Solar Blades: 3025 Uses 20 Half Hearts Damage

    Black hole Pickaxes: Can Mine up Bedrock

    Space Axe: one hit on a Wood Block Destroys all Near Wood

    Solar Hoe: Makes Instant Farmland with Instant Growth

    Black Hole Spade: Same as Axe

    Armor: 3107 Uses

    Block o' Solar: powerful stuff

    Solar Gem: 1 Nether Star 1 Emerald 1 Diamond 1 Black hole 1 Gold 1 Iron 1 Coal 1 Redstone and 1 Lapis makes the Gem for the solar blade and black hole pickaxe :)

    Pictures coming soon;)

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  • Sprattiehunt

    Sprattiehunt awesome Update!

    • Added New Boss Mob Dark star
    • Added New Biome Dark Biome
    • Added 2 New Mobs Vampire and Nether Creeper
    • Added The Underworld
    • Added ability to make a custom mob that can be in-game playable (npc)
    • Added Monster Spawners Spawn Whatever You want
    • Added 9 new blocks including human flesh and character block (edit person :) starts off with steve)
    • few minor tweaks to zombie villagers (now still wear brown robes/whatever when spawned)
    • Added New Structure Massive Tree Fort

    Happy Sprattiehunt rules Day :)

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  • Sprattiehunt

    Here are my minecraft ideas:


    Nether creeper:

    Found: Nether Caves

    Attack: Blow up and still live + explosion and attack throws lava at you

    Type: Hostile


    hearts: 25

    Attack strength: Easy: 2 normal: 7 hard: 14

    my Biome:

    Dark Star Biome:

    Found: Overworld

    Rariaty: Rare

    Mobs: wither skeleton, Wither, Dark Star, Skeleton, Zombie, Zombie Villager, Zombie Pigman,

    Structures: Zombie Village, Dungeon, Stronghold


    Dark Star:

    Found: Dark Star Biome

    Attack: Potions, Diomand Sword, Tnt

    type: Hostile Boss


    Hearts: 450

    attack strength: easy: 30 medium: 35 hard: 50

    My dimension:


    Portal: 4 sand soul (bottom) 6 bones (sides) 3 sand soul (top) skeleton head (top left, right) wither skeleton head (top, middle) add block of death and walla the por…

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