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  • StrawDogAmerica

    No Nintendo

    December 30, 2013 by StrawDogAmerica

    It's official: Minecraft will still not be coming to Nintendo for at least another year.

    Once agian, Notch told IGN and other sources that he does not feel like Minecraft is a fit for Nintendo and their products (Wii, Wii U, 3DS, 2DS, Etc) which means at least antoher year (or at least until E3) without Minecraft on a Nintendo platform. 

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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Hello Everyone!

    I am pleased to announce that Minecraft is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita on November 15, 2013. Make sure to get your copy on launch day if your a PlayStation fan!

    Here's an article if you want some information on the three new games in the franchise:

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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Hello Miners!

    And so with another Minecraft Update released the question once agian is:

    What will come next?

    We should soon find out at Minecon '13 but for now my question to you is:

    What do you want next in Minecraft?

    Please leave you comments below!

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