aka Cutie, CutieTheIPadArtist, Fridgo

  • I live in UK, England
  • I was born on December 28
  • My occupation is TOS Player, IPad Artist, Fridgomaniac, Pizza Addict
  • I am Male (Comfirmed Heterosexual)
  • SuperCutieDraggy


    June 2, 2013 by SuperCutieDraggy

    Gammon Can Be "Crafted" With A Raw Porkchop And Salt Water (Made By Adding Salt To Water). It Restores 2 More Hunger Than Porkchop, Raw Or Cooked.

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  • SuperCutieDraggy

    I Just Had A Thought. If You Are Getting Hit Or Starving To Death, There Would Be Bloodshot Covering The Edges Of The Screen.

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  • SuperCutieDraggy

    I'm Taking Out False Info.

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  • SuperCutieDraggy

    There Should Be A Sanity Bar! It'll Make Minecraft Much More Intresting!

    Sanity Levels:

    Diamond Clear: The Type Says It All.

    A Slight Headache: A Few Illusions.

    Head Is Pounding And Hands Are Shaking: More Serious Illusions, Screen Gets Disorted, Character Can't Run

    ...: Extreme Illusions, Characters May Collapse.

    Sanity Notes:

    Keep An Eye On Your Sanity! If You Let It Reach 0, You Will Begin To Lose Health

    (More Soon.)

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  • SuperCutieDraggy

    Super Users

    May 20, 2012 by SuperCutieDraggy

    Users I Like:





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