Hello Guys IAM Here On Behave Of A Server In The Middle Of Being took over Please Listen Need Online Players To Help Win The War my names Morethan community central recommended this place I know its creepy but its cheaper than a youtube video come join the revolution at this server he there choose a side and fight for 2 teams either The Enders Or The Nether the end base is the enders and the nether base is the nethers come help with the fourt dont trust anybody until iam there at that time we go to the end its a faction pvp raiding server its like dark knight rises we take control of the people join on eiter the enders or the nethers iam on the enders need you to join you will all be given weapons and horses those the nethers will be building a weaponrey in the nether the enders willing be preparing fir the war on the overworld we spawn withers use tnt basicly destroy everything and use the ashes for the new world its to win a bet plus it will be made into a video so be in it we dont want phone numbers or skype numbers or facebook just give me your name when i have enough people illl give the ip need atleast 5 please join its gonna be huge

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