aka True Shadow God

  • I live in Pacific Ocean of HSW. I sometimes come to the surface to eat people in HSW, kill bloons in Bloon of Clubs, or walk to Monkey Lane to smash MOABs, or go into Minecraft and annihilate zombies, etc.
  • My occupation is Ruling SFH3 Hacked like a king, annihilating bloons in BTD5, devouring people in Hungry Shark World, and quickscoping green pigs in Angry Birds
  • I am A male half-TOTVM (with cybernetic limbs) half-super-op-sharkreptile killing machine.
  • TOTMGsRock

    RAGING RANT WARNING: This blog contain mass raging.

    I keep seeing fake images and videos claiming that the Herobrine is real, and I AM SICK OF IT!!!!  I keep telling these Herobrine believers that THE HEROBRINE DOES NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!

    Because clearly there is ACTUAL EVIDENCE that the Herobrine is fake, yet these people still believe in this made-up bunch of cancer-infested CRAP, and it's P***ING ME OFF!!  IT'S P***ING A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF!!!!

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