aka Shinji Martinez

  • I live in the United States
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is maintaining a stable life
  • I am a victim of avoidant personality disorder
  • Thanatochronic

    Hello everyone. so I was playing Minecraft when I decided to make some seeds. They turned out great, so I decided to share some.

    Seed: pig.

    Result: Spawns you on top of a ravine.

    Seed: Ω.

    Result: Spawns you on a bunch of jungle islands.

    Seed: i dont care

    Result: Spawns you on a jungle biome with some basin and a mooshroom biome.

    Seed: 666.

    Result: Spawns you on grass and pumpkins. You might also find a village if you keep looking.

    Seed: C418.

    Result: Spawns you on mountains. (For those who like mountains.)

    Seed: 695073197.

    Result: Spawns you on some grassy area with basin and some jungle areas.

    Seed: soda.

    Result: Same as C418, only on winter and more pumpkins.

    (All these seeds were created by me. More will come out soon :)

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  • Thanatochronic

    Hello Minecraft fans. I've recently noticed most stuff on the wiki (templates, pages, pictures etc.) haven't been updated much. Here is the list of what needs to be updated or needs a page.

    • Glass Bottle
    • Splash Potions
    • A Weapons Page
    • Several color dyes
    • Redstone Lamp is not planned as its already released (must update in the template items)
    • Grass block needs a picture
    • Add the Circle Stone Brick to the creative section
    • Dragon Egg needs a picture
    • Redstone Dust needs a picture
    • Add a Pumpkin Seeds page
    • Spawn Egg picture
    • Glowstone Dust page

    I'll try to find some more. Right now, I'm trapped in a buried dungeon.

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