Hello everyone. so I was playing Minecraft when I decided to make some seeds. They turned out great, so I decided to share some.

Seed: pig.

Result: Spawns you on top of a ravine.

Seed: Ω.

Result: Spawns you on a bunch of jungle islands.

Seed: i dont care

Result: Spawns you on a jungle biome with some basin and a mooshroom biome.

Seed: 666.

Result: Spawns you on grass and pumpkins. You might also find a village if you keep looking.

Seed: C418.

Result: Spawns you on mountains. (For those who like mountains.)

Seed: 695073197.

Result: Spawns you on some grassy area with basin and some jungle areas.

Seed: soda.

Result: Same as C418, only on winter and more pumpkins.

(All these seeds were created by me. More will come out soon :)

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