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  • TheFallenOneGOTH

    I've been seeing some comments lately on certain pages. They're not hateful or anything like that - they're just unmoderated and it's a total mess. To the administrators: if I could freely express my proposals for comment moderation. Please state your reasons regardless of whether you support or reject this policy proposal.

    I would like to propose a set of rules for moderating comments:

    What Should Be Allowed What Should Not Be Allowed
    Advising a user to not do something that is against the rules Mini-modding
    Posting messages relating to Minecraft Posting messages relating to real life.
    Expressing your excitement about something new USING ALL-CAPS LIKE THIS TO DO SO
    Discussing a topic in a civilized and gentlemanly manner Arguing about a topic r…

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  • TheFallenOneGOTH


    Hello everyone. This is just a list of things I'd like to see implemented in the Minecraft universe.

    • Account verification system, similar to Valve's SteamGuard
      • If your account has not been verified and you are trying to logon to your Minecraft game, then the following message will appear when attempting to logon: "Your Minecraft username is not verified on this computer. Go to your Mojang email address. You should receive a 5-character code. If not, click here to resend it."
      • Once your account has been verified and you have logged in and been brought to the main launcher screen, next to the "Log Out" button will be text that says "Account has been verified".
      • Logon to Minecraft on multiple computers
      • …

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