I've been seeing some comments lately on certain pages. They're not hateful or anything like that - they're just unmoderated and it's a total mess. To the administrators: if I could freely express my proposals for comment moderation. Please state your reasons regardless of whether you support or reject this policy proposal.

What are your suggestions?

I would like to propose a set of rules for moderating comments:

What Should Be Allowed What Should Not Be Allowed
Advising a user to not do something that is against the rules Mini-modding
Posting messages relating to Minecraft Posting messages relating to real life.
Expressing your excitement about something new USING ALL-CAPS LIKE THIS TO DO SO
Discussing a topic in a civilized and gentlemanly manner Arguing about a topic resulting in all-out flame wars

Wasn't this table on Pocket Edition Wiki?

Yes. To be clear, I did not copy it word for word. I left out certain rules from that post and paraphrased what I left in.

You sound so boring...

I know I do. I hate to express everything like a gentleman with manners, common sense, and respect as well as using proper grammar at the expense of sounding like a politician. But I stick to this style mainly becau—I'm going way off-topic, aren't I?

Why create this blog post when you can just notify an admin of your proposal?

I want this to be an open discussion. I want to see what everybody thinks - even the admins.

They could just disable page comments altogether, you know?

Well okay, there's that.

Can I suggest something that you left out? I have ideas...

Of course. Like I said, this is an open discussion.

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