Hello everyone. This is just a list of things I'd like to see implemented in the Minecraft universe.


  • Account verification system, similar to Valve's SteamGuard
    • If your account has not been verified and you are trying to logon to your Minecraft game, then the following message will appear when attempting to logon: "Your Minecraft username is not verified on this computer. Go to your Mojang email address. You should receive a 5-character code. If not, click here to resend it."
    • Once your account has been verified and you have logged in and been brought to the main launcher screen, next to the "Log Out" button will be text that says "Account has been verified".
    • Logon to Minecraft on multiple computers
    • Account verification system can be disabled on your Mojang profile.

Computer Edition

  • Lamp posts need to be redesigned
  • Houses need to be properly lit, as hostile mobs tend to spawn and it's a pain in the rear to manage
  • A chance of spawning 1 Iron Golem regardless of the size of the village. The Villagers have the attention span the size of a nut.
    • And speaking of Villagers, I would like to see further improvement in their AI so they don't walk off of cliffs or into Cacti.
  • Improve their pathfinding so as to not make them jump to their death
  • Just an aesthetic suggestion: since Endermen can reach the Nether, their eyes should be red. I don't know, just for looks.
  • 2 gamerules in particular
    • A gamerule to toggle the day and night cycle.
    • A gamerule to toggle rain and snow
  • They should shrink and grow as they move
  • They should never go through/intersect terrain
  • They should pile up against hills and burn away over deserts
World and terrain generation
  • Increase the height limit to at least 512 blocks
  • Whenever a player is killed by a Zombie, a Zombie should spawn in their place.
  • New animation for being killed by fire: dissolve into a bunch of black particles
Grass Paths
  • Should be like Grass Blocks and have different colors based on the biome
The Wither
  • The Ender Dragon has a death animation, so why not give the Wither one?
  • Some way to edit them after being placed