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  • I was born on December 13
  • My occupation is a college student
  • I am a dead bush
  • TheGamingMaster

    This is due to the large amounts of vandalism occuring every single day on this wikia

    Due to the recent outburts in vandalism, and me being the only truly active administrator of this wikia, anyone caught vandalising multiple pages in a short time period will be blocked for one year or longer.

    I've gotten tired of logging in everyday just to undo/rollback 20 or so edits just because people cannot stop being immature, therefore, the following rule is being put into place until another administrator or person with rollback abilities is added to this wiki.

    Any vandalism that is completely made to hurt the wiki will result in a 1 year block or permanent block, depending on how many pages were vandalised. This block WILL be able to be disputed, bu…

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  • TheGamingMaster

    uladog (talk) 02:31, February 29, 2016 (UTC)

    The following is a broader outline, and explanation of the rules of the wiki, and additions to the rules based on the activity of users. The page is organized like so, the rule will be stated, and underneath in Italics is what happens after breaking said rule

    -All edits must be made in good faith; do not make unnecessary edits just to farm badges, etc.

    2 Warning > 3 Day block > 2 Week block (x2) > 3 month block > Permanent block

    -If you have any questions, ask User:TheGamingMaster or User:Dragonballgtgoku

    Warning and such do not apply here

    -Use common sense

    Warnings and such do not apply here

    -Do not tell every single user that the automated message is automated. This one is for you Ludwig

    Warning > 1 Day…

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  • TheGamingMaster

    Unnecessary Comments

    February 29, 2016 by TheGamingMaster

    The following are clarifications and additions to the rules of this wiki regarding the commenting system

    Unecessary Comments are a user's way of flooding the wiki activity. They are now against the rules, and will result in the following:

    1st Offense: Removal of Comment and Warning left on User's page

    2nd Offense: Removal of Comment and 3 day block

    3rd Offense: Removal of Comment and 2 week

    4th onwards: Removal of all User's comments and 2 week block, the block will be reapplied everytime the block ends and another uneccesary comment is made.

    As you can see, you cannot be permanently blocked for multiple offenses of unnecessary comments, however, extreme offenders of the comment system will still recieve 1 month blocks+

    The following are consider…

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  • TheGamingMaster


    February 18, 2016 by TheGamingMaster

    This blog is being created due to large amounts of necrobumping occuring on the wiki. To necrobump a blog post is to simply revive the thread, after it was discontinued for a long time. This can be done for many reasons, and reviving a blog to have an actual conversation with current users is fine. What is not fine is necrobumping blogs that were made about topics, such as Herobrine, as well as simple notifcations towards staff and other users, such as being sick.

    A rule is being outlined here, which is necrobumping blog posts that have no significance today, or are related to Herobrine, Entity 303, or any other creepypasta will result in a warning. Further necrobumping will result in a one week block. 

    The following is considered necrobumpi…

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