This blog is being created due to large amounts of necrobumping occuring on the wiki. To necrobump a blog post is to simply revive the thread, after it was discontinued for a long time. This can be done for many reasons, and reviving a blog to have an actual conversation with current users is fine. What is not fine is necrobumping blogs that were made about topics, such as Herobrine, as well as simple notifcations towards staff and other users, such as being sick.

A rule is being outlined here, which is necrobumping blog posts that have no significance today, or are related to Herobrine, Entity 303, or any other creepypasta will result in a warning. Further necrobumping will result in a one week block. 

The following is considered necrobumping without exceptions:

  1. Making pointless 1 word/sentence comments, such as 'XD' or 'what?'
  2. Posting content on creepypasta pages
  3. Necrobumping posts that will never be responded to reasonably from any other user
  4. Badge farming
  5. Spamming
  6. Trolling
  7. Flaming
  8. The post was an old suggestion to the users of the wiki, asking to support or reject something, (Such as merging pages) that has already been closed.
  9. The post is 2+ years old

The following are legit reasons to post on an old blog

  1. The users that made the blog post are still active
  2. The blog is not older than 3 months
  3. Typing a meaningful and worthwhile sentence or sentences, to revive the thread and have a meaningful conversation

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