This is due to the large amounts of vandalism occuring every single day on this wikia

Due to the recent outburts in vandalism, and me being the only truly active administrator of this wikia, anyone caught vandalising multiple pages in a short time period will be blocked for one year or longer.

I've gotten tired of logging in everyday just to undo/rollback 20 or so edits just because people cannot stop being immature, therefore, the following rule is being put into place until another administrator or person with rollback abilities is added to this wiki.

Any vandalism that is completely made to hurt the wiki will result in a 1 year block or permanent block, depending on how many pages were vandalised. This block WILL be able to be disputed, but you'll need a very good reason to get yourself unblocked.

This is not made to be a deterrent from editing pages with fear of being blocked. I can tell the difference between sincerely trying to help the wiki, or simply being a brat.

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