Unecessary Comments

The following are clarifications and additions to the rules of this wiki regarding the commenting system

Unecessary Comments are a user's way of flooding the wiki activity. They are now against the rules, and will result in the following:

1st Offense: Removal of Comment and Warning left on User's page

2nd Offense: Removal of Comment and 3 day block

3rd Offense: Removal of Comment and 2 week

4th onwards: Removal of all User's comments and 2 week block, the block will be reapplied everytime the block ends and another uneccesary comment is made.

As you can see, you cannot be permanently blocked for multiple offenses of unnecessary comments, however, extreme offenders of the comment system will still recieve 1 month blocks+

The following are considered ways to gain Offenses:

   - Any Ordinal Number (First, second, third, etc)

-Necrobumping (See here)


-More than 3 images in one comment. Nobody needs to see all those pictures in one comment, it just floods the page

-Trying to find a loophole for the above way. We're not stupid and we can tell if you're trying to do so

-ANYTHING about a Creepypasta (other than Herobrine)

-Anything creepypasta related thing about Herobrine (saying he's real, etc)

The following are ways to get yourself insantly blocked without warning:

-Racist/Sexual Comments

-Starting fights/arguements

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