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    Here are ideas for 1.9 and 2.0 of the PC version.

    1. More Ores: I know this is a bit unoriginal but I want it in as we have only 7 or so ores at the moment, here are my ideas in a mini list,

    Rubies: slightly stronger than Diamond

    Sapphire: slightly less strong than Diamond

    Topaz: Orange in color and slightly stronger than Iron

    Amethyst: Slightly less strong than Iron

    Jade: Highest level of strength, far above Diamond, design is like Emerald but in the normal ore style of design. Replaces demand for Emerald Tools as essentially is is what everyone wants in Emerald Tools but a different mineral as Mojang would want to keep emeralds to just trading purposes.

    Lead: Right in between Iron and Diamond, color is a dark grey.

    2. Minecart upgrade: minor ch…

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