I am working on a mod called Better Taming, which makes most of the mobs in mincraft tamable. How to tame then is shown here.


Pig - Iron Helmet ( Yup, Slamacow).

Chicken - Seeds.

Iron-Golem - Rose.

Snow-Golem - Snow.

Zombie - Iron Shovel (Said shovel is now held).

Skeleton - Arrow.

Enderman - Ender Pearl.

Creeper - TNT (It's attack is a headbutt, not an explosion).

Slime - Slimeball (Grows when tamed).

Pigman - Nugget.

Magma-Cube - Lava Bucket (Grows when tamed).

Spider - Spider Eye.

Cave-Spider - Fermented Spider Eye.

Sheep - Wheat.

Cow - Wheat.

Wither-Skeleton - Bone.

Blaze - Flint & Steel.

Wither-Boss - Cookie.

Silverfish - Cobblestone.

Redstone-Bug - Redstone.

As with wolves, these mobs will fight what u attack, as well as the Iron Golem, Wither, and Snow Golems will still attack mobs without your permission. Some mobs cannot be tamed, shown here.







I hope u liked my mod, it will be one the minecraftforum soon. If u have any suggestions, leave them in the comments.

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