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    Minecraft Hurt/Heal

    August 27, 2014 by TheScottBird

    Days passed: 6

    Hey guys. I am new here, and as a way to introduce myself, I would like to start a Hurt/Heal based upon my favorite video game of all time. :) If you do not know how hurt/heals work, then you must hurt a mob from Minecraft you don't like, and heal one you do like. Check the rules for more info.

    Each mob starts out with 10 HP. Each time a mob is healed, its HP raises by 1. Once a mob reaches 20 HP, it can no longer be healed. When you comment, you can hurt and heal mobs up to four times. You must wait 12 hours in between each of your votes to vote again to prevent spamming. Happy voting! :-)

    • Bat - 5 HP
    • Chicken - 11 HP
    • Cow - 10 HP
    • Mooshroom - 21 HP
    • Horse - 10 HP
    • Ocelot - 7 HP
    • Pig - 10 HP
    • Sheep - 12 HP
    • Squid - 12 HP
    • Villager - 10 HP
    • Enderma…

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