Book and Quill This page contains fan-made content.

Items, blocks, mobs, or other features mentioned here may not appear in official Mojang AB releases of Minecraft.

Book and Quill

Hello this is my First blog. I would like to give out some crafting ideas.

  • Refigerator: 1 Iron Door, 1 Quartz Block, 1 White Shulker Chest
  • Fan: 2 iron trapdoors, 1 End Rod, 1 Quartz block
  • Wither Storm Egg: 1 Egg, 3 WitherSkeleton Skulls, 3 SoulSand, 1 Command block
  • Surfboard: 3 Wooden Slabs
  • Throwing Stars: 5 Iron Ingots
  • Obsidian Ingots: Obsidian Block
  • Bookshelves: 6 Wooden Planks
  • Desk: 2 Sticks, 1 Chest, 2 Wooden Planks 
  • Money: 1 Paper, 1 Green Dye
  • Net: 1 Stick, 8 Cobwebs
  • Coin: 1 Gold Nugget
  • Arrowheads: 7 Iron Nuggets or other Nuggets
  • Spear: 2 Sticks, 1 Arrowhead
  • Frost Apple: Golden Apple Surrounded by Ice
    Minecraft Frost Apple

    Frost Apple

  • Bird Eggs: 1 Egg, 8 Feathers

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