Book and Quill This page contains fan-made content.

Items, blocks, mobs, or other features mentioned here may not appear in official Mojang AB releases of Minecraft.

Book and Quill

There are some mobs that I wish would be added in 1.12. Here are some of them and why.

  • Birds- Birds should be added for more meat and for hunting pets
  • Worms- Worms could infest apples or dirt making survival a new challenge
  • Termites- Termites can eat through wood making finding full trees harder
  • Better Villagers- Normal Villagers have gotten stale why not have a variety
  • Dragons- Why only have the Enderdragon?
  • Yetis- Big Brutes with a frost power
  • Sausquatch- Yeti's Cousin?
  • Flys- Little pests
  • Bears- Hostile Power, Carpets 

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