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    Notes for Templates

    August 26, 2013 by The Pathogen

    Hi there everyone, now; some of you may have noticed a couple of days ago that I made some edits to , adding table styling, and also creating the Navbox-4col template. These are in preparation for adding a few new greater templates which have been needed for quite a while. In further detail, these templates are:

    As of 26 August 2013

    1. A proper NPC navigation template, similar to Items.
      • This template has been needed for quite a while, but adding all mobs with the proper thumbnails and formatting/layout is a job that will take a little while.
      • I do have the formatting prepared for the template, I will just have to implement it on the template page itself, rather than through Common.css; this is because the Common.css implementation isn't transferrin…
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  • The Pathogen

    Indent Reset Template

    November 6, 2012 by The Pathogen

    Hey all. I've just completed a template that I wanted to share, as I think it could be useful for talk pages, in the sense that it standardizes the format used, while simplifying it.

    The template can be found on my testing wiki, and from what tests I've conducted, it works seamlessly. Any feedback is welcome, and if said feedback is good, I'll bring the template on over here for the community's use!

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  • The Pathogen

    Well; I had a bit of a play around with the page (the only problem being that, only Administrators can edit this page).

    The main information I refer to, as in the original Template:Infobox block, is the following:

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