Hi there everyone, now; some of you may have noticed a couple of days ago that I made some edits to MediaWiki:Common.css, adding table styling, and also creating the Navbox-4col template. These are in preparation for adding a few new greater templates which have been needed for quite a while. In further detail, these templates are:

As of 26 August 2013

  1. A proper NPC navigation template, similar to Items.
    • This template has been needed for quite a while, but adding all mobs with the proper thumbnails and formatting/layout is a job that will take a little while.
    • I do have the formatting prepared for the template, I will just have to implement it on the template page itself, rather than through Common.css; this is because the Common.css implementation isn't transferring through as it should, for unknown reasons.
    • The thumbnails shouldn't take too long to complete, I just need to list which ones need to be created, as well as which ones need improvement/replacing/editing.
  2. Missing item icons in the CraftingTable template, and in the Items template.
    • I will be adding the new items to the list as soon as I finish the previously stated template.
    • This particular change will likely be implemented within a week.
  3. Completely replacing the Crafting grid template with the CraftingTable template.
    • This is more of a minor job, though I do wish to complete it relatively soon. As such, I may prioritize it depending on the situation.

No action is required by the community in regards to this blog post, but I did want to inform everyone that I am making progress towards fixing some of these issues.

Thanks from your friendly Administrator and Bureaucrat,

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