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    Interlanguage links

    October 30, 2012 by Thisismyrofl

    Hello, everyone. I am User:Elecbullet. I am the administrator of the Wolfenstein Wiki, but when I am not busy there I trawl wikis in search of foreign language versions.

    Minecraft is an extremely popular game, one that I have personally enjoyed. It should come as no surprise that the wiki has been re-created in the following languages:

    • w:c:ca.minecraft Catalan
    • w:c:cs.minecraftcz Czech
    • w:c:da.minecraft Danish
    • w:c:de.minecraft German
    • w:c:es.minecraft Spanish
    • w:c:fi.minecraft Finnish
    • w:c:fr.minecraft French
    • w:c:he.minecraft Hebrew
    • w:c:it.minecraft Italian
    • w:c:lb.minecraft Luxembourgish
    • w:c:minecraftgamez Mongolian
    • w:c:nl.minecraft Dutch
    • w:c:no.minecraft Norwegian
    • w:c:pl.minecraft Polish
    • w:c:pt.minecraft Portuguese
    • w:c:pt-br.minecraft Brazilian Portuguese
    • w:c:…
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