I don't know if this is allowed here, but if it isn't, then let me at least have time to move it somewhere. This is a blog devoted to me reporting of my construction of the ultimate home: Fyre End, my own Bag End.

Report 1: January 12, 2012

Today I started creating the Fyre End Reports. Technically I have been building this for 2 days already, though. I am using Creative on Minecraft, but I do hope that I can convert this so it can be used in a server, and therefore not Creative. Also note that this is merely a prototype; I might build a Classic Fyre End as well once this one is complete. Today, I enlarged my pack of wolves with the addition of Jon, Edgar, and Frodo, and added a guest room, which is yet to be complete and therefore not shown in my slideshow.

  • Hi, it's me the Doctor-er, I mean, Blackfyre8!
  • The entrance to Fyre End. The NO ADMITTANCE sign is still up. Ghost and Jon, two of my wolves, are in this picture.
  • The entrance to No. 1 Fyreshot Row, better known locally as Fyre End.
  • Just entered Fyre End. Three corridors so leading to the kitchen, one to the main hall, and one to my personal quarters, the "Best Bedroom."
  • The kitchen, coated in pictures and one of my wolves, Xerxes, standing guard.
  • The main hall's fireplace and bookshelves. One wolf, Mance, is a little excited, while I woke up my oldest wolf, Antigonos.
  • Part of my bedroom, including more portraits and an enchanting table. Caesar and Callahorn, two littermates, are guarding.
  • My bed. Still a work in progress.
  • And last but not least, this is the world I have explored so far. I'm thinking of building a dock after Fyre End is complete.

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