aka Trail Blazer

  • I live in The Trail House
  • I was born on July 23
  • I am Male
  • Trailblazer101

    Improved Minecraft is a planned mod for Minecraft: Java Edition versions 1.9 - 1.12.1 created by Trailblazer101 used to "Improve Your Game With An All New Vanilla Experience."

    • All features from Improved Minecraft can be disabled and reenabled in the Mod Options menu. You can also configure certain features, such as stack sizes for items. On Multiplayer Servers, this is exclusive to Server Admins.
    • Adds in Spawn Eggs for the Charged Creeper, Skeleton Spider Jockey, Wither Skeleton Spider Jockey, Stray Spider Jockey, Zombie Chicken Jockey, Husk Chicken Jockey, Zombie Villager Chicken Jockey , Zombie Pigman Chicken Jockey , Wither, Ender Dragon, Skeleton Trap Horse, Snow Golem, Iron Golem, Parrot , Villager , Zombie Villager , Evocation Fang, Illu…

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  • Trailblazer101

    Minecraft is a great game and allows you to make loads of cool things. I chose to make some cool custom commands that I want to share with you guys. You can use these in your worlds if you want to.

    |box1-1= |box1-2= |box1-3= |box1-4= |box1-5= |box1-6= |box1-7= |box1-8= |box1-9= }}

    Command: {"type":"crafting_shaped","pattern":["###","#X#","###"],"key":{"#":{"item":"minecraft:obsidian"},"X":{"item":"minecraft:cobblestone"}},"result":{"item":"minecraft:bedrock"}}

    |box1-2= |box1-4= |box1-5= |box1-6= |box1-8= }}

    Command: {"type":"crafting_shaped","pattern":[" # ","#X#"," # "],"key":{"#":{"item":"minecraft:glass"},"X":{"item":"minecraft:bedrock"}},"result":{"item":"minecraft:barrier","count":4}}

    |box1-1= |box1-2= |box1-3= |box1-4= |box1-5= |box1-6= |bo…

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  • Trailblazer101

    There are loads of cool features in the game already, but I think some of these features here should be added to make Minecraft even cooler!

    • Crackers which are used to tame Parrots instead of Seeds.
    • Making Armor Stands naturally straight.
    • Making Blazes drop Glowstone Dust.
    • Crow mobs that try to steal crops.
    • Craft a Scarecrow which can scare away crows.
    • Camels which can be spawned also by using the Spawn Llama egg, similar to the Horses, Mules and Donkeys.
    • Creepers being able to ignite TNT by walking close to it.
    • Iron Gates which can be opened via Levers, Buttons and/or Pressure Plates.
    • Dirt, Emerald, Iron, Diamond and Gold Slabs.
    • Quivers which hold Arrows and can be placed on your back, even over armor, via a new Inventory Slot.
    • A Thirst Bar right a…
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