There are loads of cool features in the game already, but I think some of these features here should be added to make Minecraft even cooler!

  • Crackers which are used to tame Parrots instead of Seeds.
  • Making Armor Stands naturally straight.
  • Making Blazes drop Glowstone Dust.
  • Crow mobs that try to steal crops.
  • Craft a Scarecrow which can scare away crows.
  • Camels which can be spawned also by using the Spawn Llama egg, similar to the Horses, Mules and Donkeys.
  • Creepers being able to ignite TNT by walking close to it.
  • Iron Gates which can be opened via Levers, Buttons and/or Pressure Plates.
  • Dirt, Emerald, Iron, Diamond and Gold Slabs.
  • Quivers which hold Arrows and can be placed on your back, even over armor, via a new Inventory Slot.
  • A Thirst Bar right above your Hunger Bar which decreases slower than the Hunger Bar.
  • After eating food and your Hunger Bar gets full, you should burp.

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