• Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    It all started 700 million years ago. The great Mob War was a war with the Notch allied with Herobrine to take down the Ender Empire. The war lasted 600,000,000 years, with millions of minor battles. I won't mention most of them. I will talk about the major battles and how it all got started.

    Back in time, Herobrine and Notch were allies. Notch ruled the overworld, and Herobrine ruled the Nether. The End was never known at that time. While the Overworld and the Nether mobs had occasional conflicts that leads to a few losses on both sides, the End Empire had no outside resistance. They had islands spanning an area over triple the size of the planet Jupiter, while the Overworld was about the size of the planet Neptune, and the Nether was 1/3 …

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    There were a lot of battles in the mob wars, and I'm here to list them all.

    Jungle TNT rampage

    Participants: captain flint, lieutenant steel, about 2000 TNT

    Casualties: about 900 dirt blocks, 7000 stone blocks, 400 ores, 30 bedrock, and about 10 unidentified mobs

    Battle of about 30 black wide savanna area

    Participants: 3 trees, captain flint, lieutenant steel

    Casualties: 3 trees

    Hillside siege

    Participants: 200 TNT blocks, captain flint, lieutenant steel

    Casualties: about 100 dirt blocks and 200 stone blocks

    Battle of the tiny area

    Participants: one block cubed water area, 1 TNT, captain flint, lieutenant steel

    Casualties: the water area, 17 stone blocks

    Siege of golemville

    Participants: 70 iron golems, 90 villagers, 800 zombies

    Casualties:all golems, 69…

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