There were a lot of battles in the mob wars, and I'm here to list them all.

Jungle TNT rampage

Participants: captain flint, lieutenant steel, about 2000 TNT

Casualties: about 900 dirt blocks, 7000 stone blocks, 400 ores, 30 bedrock, and about 10 unidentified mobs

Battle of about 30 black wide savanna area

Participants: 3 trees, captain flint, lieutenant steel

Casualties: 3 trees

Hillside siege

Participants: 200 TNT blocks, captain flint, lieutenant steel

Casualties: about 100 dirt blocks and 200 stone blocks

Battle of the tiny area

Participants: one block cubed water area, 1 TNT, captain flint, lieutenant steel

Casualties: the water area, 17 stone blocks

Siege of golemville

Participants: 70 iron golems, 90 villagers, 800 zombies

Casualties:all golems, 69 villagers, over 600 zombies

Siege of the zombie spawned garrison

Participants: Steve, about 200 zombies

Casualties: all 200 zombies, all twelve spawners

Siege of zombie capital spawner base

Participants: Steve, about 2000 zombies, 5 skeletons, 5 creepers, 5 spiders

Casualties: all 2000 zombies, all 60 spawners, all other mobs except steve


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