• I live in the Nether
  • I was born on January 21
  • My occupation is Being a boss.
  • I am dumb.
  • Witherstorm

    Hi everyone!

    This is Witherstorm here with his first blog post! (By the way, this was NOT for badge hunting! I don't do these things, but anyway). This blog will list weird, VERY WEIRD things that has happened to me during Minecraft gameplay. Only one has happened so far, but as more strange things happen, I will list them on here!

    Thank you!

    Once, I was playing on a server, and I went mining. I had hit a HUGE amount of diamonds, so, of course, I went straight to mining. Then, when I had mined them all and I was leaving, there were a few invisible blocks blocking my path. I tried destroying them but I couldn't! It just wouldn't damn break! I thought of going somewhere else, but all around me was lava. I pressed "F3" and it didn't come up with…

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