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  • I live in [CENSORED]
  • My occupation is Going around the wiki fixing up pages.
  • I am DEAD
  • X5163x

    Mineral Mineral Moh's Scale Rank
    Diamond 鑽石 拾 壹
    Emerald 綠寶石 玖 貳
    Nether Quartz 石英 柒 參
    Iron 鐵 陆 肆
    Lapis Lazuli 藍金石 伍壹半 伍
    Stone 石 參 陆
    Cobblestone 石 貳壹半 柒
    Gold 金 貳壹半 柒
    Coal 煤 貳點貳 捌
    Wood 木 貳點貳 捌 Read more >
  • X5163x

    ID /summon Name of entity Favorite Least Favorite Notes
    1 /summon Item Dropped Item
    Name which item ID AND metadata.
    2 /summon XPOrb Experience Orb
    Name how much xp should be in the orb.
    8 /summon LeashKnot Lead Knot

    9 /summon Painting Painting
    Name which Painting.
    A /summon Arrow Shot Arrow
    Name the kind of arrow and whether or not it is stuck in a block.
    B /summon Snowball Thrown Snowball

    C /summon Fireball Ghast Fireball

    D /summon SmallFireball Blaze Fireball

    E /summon ThrownEnderpearl Thrown Ender Pearl

    F /summon EyeOfEnderSignal Thrown Eye of Ender

    10 /summon ThrownPotion Thrown Splash Potion
    Name which Splash Potion it is.
    11 /summon ThrownExpBottle Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting

    12 /summon ItemFrame Item Frame
    Name the thing in the fram…

    Read more >