ID /summon Name of entity Favorite Least Favorite Notes
1 /summon Item Dropped Item Name which item ID AND metadata.
2 /summon XPOrb Experience Orb Name how much xp should be in the orb.
8 /summon LeashKnot Lead Knot
9 /summon Painting Painting Name which Painting.
A /summon Arrow Shot Arrow Name the kind of arrow and whether or not it is stuck in a block.
B /summon Snowball Thrown Snowball
C /summon Fireball Ghast Fireball
D /summon SmallFireball Blaze Fireball
E /summon ThrownEnderpearl Thrown Ender Pearl
F /summon EyeOfEnderSignal Thrown Eye of Ender
10 /summon ThrownPotion Thrown Splash Potion Name which Splash Potion it is.
11 /summon ThrownExpBottle Thrown Bottle o' Enchanting
12 /summon ItemFrame Item Frame Name the thing in the frame and its rotation.
13 /summon WitherSkull Wither Skull
14 /summon

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