The basics of all Wiki's tool is editing and everybody know how to do that. Unless you are less "intelligent", that is. Moving on, through my pupil, I see edits and article containing pronoun-related such as "you". I don't recall Wikis' being an Autobiography or an biography (thy who encountered them under circumstances), but I am assuming this is gamers first time editing an Wiki or an Veteran.

The No Nos'

  1. First and Second Person words (Unless any other circumstances)
  2. User's opinion in article edits
  3. Prediction/Inferences
  4. Leaks (No problem yet..)

The Yes Yes

  1. Evidence based Facts
  2. References by developers/sources
  3. Headings and Subtitles
  4. Correctly linking categorys and adding appropiate pictures
  5. License images

The Process

Smart enough to obey the "Yes Yes", and the "No Nos'"? Editing should be simple as writing an essay in school, followed by improvision/revisions. Use synonyms and "intellectual" words to enhance word choices. Obviously, I doubt anyone is going to be influenced by this blog, however, please understand this may benefit to the Wiki (and other Wikis) and you.

Xx AsiAnZ xX 21:30, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

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