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A (?) denotes version's info here is guess-work, possibly incorrect. Known bugs in the latest versions are listed in the latest development version.

Version Date of Addition Additions Summary

For Development versions/snapshots Please go to Version History/Development Versions

1.7.2 October 25, 2013

Biome Changes:

  • Clay Canyon Biome
    • Possible new clay colors
    • Dead bushes will be present
  • Redwood Forest Biome
    • Includes 2x2 Spruce Trees
    • Will include a grass variant known as Podzol
    • Contains dirt that will not grown into grass
    • Moss stone boulders will also be included
    • Dead bushes, ferns, and Mushrooms will spawn here
  • Cliff Biome
    • Mainly includes stone
    • Not completely vertical, steep hills are mostly present
  • Spruce trees will spawn in Extreme Hills
  • Snow will now generate randomly
  • AMPLIFIED World Type


  • New flowers
    • Sunflowers
      • Can be grown
      • Will always face east
    • Tulips
    • Lavender
      • Grow two blocks high
    • Pink Paeonia
1.1 January 12, 2012
  • Bows are now enchantable, with four new enchantments specific to bows: Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame.
  • Arrows which are on fire now set entities they hit on fire.
  • Golden Apple recipe changed to use gold nuggets instead of gold blocks.
  • 56 new language translations, including fictional ones such as Pirate, Klingon, and Quenya.
  • Infrastructure for improved mob AI added, allowing for more complicated behavior than before. These behaviors themselves have not been implemented yet.
  • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes.
    • Swamp land and water colors now smoothly transition to other biomes.
  • Re-added beaches.
  • Taiga biomes now contain snow and ice.
  • Decreased randomness of enchantment levels at Enchantment Tables.
  • Biomes are slightly more varied, with differing elevations of land in previously flatter biomes.
  • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds from 30.
  • Added Spawn Eggs to creative mode.
  • Added a world type option (available types: Superflat and Default).
  • Removed collision box from Ladders.
  • Sheep eat Grass (converting it to Dirt) and Tall Grass to regain their Wool.
  • The collision box on Fence Gates now matches that of Fences instead of being square.
  • Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
  • Oak (default tree) Leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping Red Apples.
  • Blacksmith buildings in NPC Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as Strongholds.
  • Void fog removed in creative mode.
  • Melons and Pumpkins can now grow on Dirt, instead of only on Farmland.
  • New settings in
    • level-type
    • spawn-npcs
    • generate-structures
  • Magma Cubes can now drop Magma Cream on death.
  • In SMP servers, non-ops are kicked if they spam in chat too much (Ops are not notified of the kick, they must assume that the player was auto-kicked)
  • The distance that Wheat attracts friendly mobs has increased from 2-3 blocks to 8-9 blocks.
  • All Music discs except for "11" can be dropped from creepers killed by skeletons.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed "Sniper Duel" achievement not working.
  • Fixed Powered Rail Non-Depowering Bug
  • Fixed Powered Rail Failure-to-Update on Placement Bug


  • Major crash bug in the loading screen for some users
  • Possible to fall through a block of Farmland, Soul Sand or Glass when walking over its edge.
  • Open fence gates will close if they receive a block update.
1.0.1 November 24, 2011

This was a server-only update, 1.0.0 remained the current client version.

Bug fixes[1]:

  • "Invalid server key" error fixed when attempting to log into servers.
  • "Null pointer exception" error fixed when logging into servers.
1.0.0 November 18, 2011 Fixes & Changes:
  • New achievements
  • Glowstone changed from "stone" to "glass".
  • Amount of Experience Orbs dropped by a player on death now limited.
  • The ability of Endermen to carry blocks reduced in some way.
  • Minor changes to some textures (most notables Block of Iron and Monster Spawner).
  • Ghast fireballs have a different texture.
  • On death, a proper score is given based on how many experience orbs the player has collected.
  • When flowing lava hits a water source directly from above, it creates Stone where previously the lava would flow through the water.
  • You can toggle between three states when pressing F5 (first person, third person back, third person front), having the addition of 3rd person view from the front.
  • Ender Pearls have a unique ability. When thrown, the player will teleport to the Ender Pearl's impact location, but take 2 and 1/2 hearts of fall damage. They will not work in Creative.
  • Golden Apples now glow purple in inventory.
  • Fences no longer block you from moving onto their space. You can now stand next to them, like you can with glass panes and iron bars.
    • They will also connect to solid blocks.
  • There is a slight delay between jumps when holding down the jump button, so that the player no longer bounces between ceiling and floor in two-block-high spaces.
  • Labels for items have a blue border.
  • Random loot chests in Strongholds.
  • Blocking now moves the player's arm, rather than the sword just floating right in front of the player.
  • Weapon and tool damage has been nerfed to make space for the increased damage enchantments (Diamond swords do 3.5 hearts now instead of 5).
  • Most mobs got their health changed. Sheep now have 4 hearts, Ghasts 9.5 hearts, Zombies 10 hearts and 1 armor point...
  • Many blocks mining speeds have been increased. This is mostly blocks that used to take a long time to mine.

New Features:


  • Oftentimes when trying to connect to an SMP server, the error "The server responded with an invalid server key" will show instead. This is followed by an "End of Stream" error which appears whenever a connection attempt to the server is made for up to 60 seconds after the initial attempt.



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