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Two Vexes inside a woodland mansion.
Health Points 24HP (12x Heart)
Attack Strength Easy:2.5x Heart

Normal:4.5x Heart
Hard:6.5x Heart

Drops Usually nothing
(1% chance of an Iron Sword if using the "looting" enchant)
Spawn Woodland Mansion
Experience Points 3

[view][talk] A Vex is a hostile mob added as part of Minecraft update 1.11. Vexes are the only flying hostile mobs that will spawn in the Overworld. They are immune to damage from falling, Drowning, Fire, or Lava, and they will only take damage from Sword or Bow and Arrows.


Vexes can be summoned by Evokers, a hostile Villager-like mob typically found within Woodland Mansions.


Vexes will attack Villagers, Iron Golems, or the player (except in Creative Mode). Evokers lift the arms to send vexes to attack these mobs.


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