Health Points: 26HP (13x Heart)
Attack Strength: 5–20 Hearts
Drops: up to 6 (in all of the following (mix and match):

Glass Bottles Glowstone Dust Gunpowder Redstone Dust Spider Eyes Sticks Sugar up to 1 of either Instant Health, Regeneration, or Fire Resistance Potions (one at a time)

Location: Overworld
Technical Name minecraft:witch

[view][talk] A Witch is a ranged mob, added in 1.4.2 - The Pretty Scary Update.[1] Witches are hostile and are found mostly in Swamp Biomes wandering around their houses. When a witch notices a player, they begin to viciously attack them with splash potions. Witches also have the ability to regenerate health. It fires splash potions of weakness, slowness, poison, and harming to weaken a player so it makes it easier to attack a player. Because of this, a player's armor is rendered useless, regardless of the armor's material and/or enchantments.


Since 1.7.2 witches now spawn naturally, though they are rarer than endermen. Before this update, they could only be found in Witches' huts. They also spawn when a villager is struck with lightning.


A witch relies on using harmful potions, such as Poison, for ranged attack. The best way to fight a witch is to get in close and not let it get away. Keep hitting it, and it will fall quickly. Damage must be consistently dealt to a witch in order to kill it, as it has the ability to use healing potions to regenerate health.

Another effective way is to take it out with a Bow, as a player will outrange the witch's splash potions. As with melee fighting, a constant barrage of arrows must be maintained to ensure the witch cannot continually drink health potions.


  • The witch is the one of a few hostile ranged mobs found in the Overworld, the others being skeletons, Strays, Evokers, and Illusioners ( in 1.12) [2].
  • The witch has an animation involving its nose.
  • On occasion, when a witch is killed, it will sometimes drop a potion, most likely an instant health potion. However, it will only drop potions if killed while drinking one.
  • The witch is the second gender specific mob in Minecraft, the first being the Ender Dragon.
  • As of 15w49a/1.9, witches now make sounds.
  • Witches are the only mob that uses potions to attack and heal themselves and others.
  • A Witch's nose magically wiggles.
  • Witches have mouths, but are very tiny. It can be seen if she decides to drink a potion.



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