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Wither Skeleton Jockey
Wither skeleyon
A rare, hostile mob that has a 0.8% chance of spawning.
Health Points: Wither Skeleton 20HP (10x Heart)

Spider 16HP (8x Heart)

Attack Strength: Easy 5HP (2.5x Heart)
(Both of the difficulties below apply the Wither debuff.)
Normal 9HP (4.5x Heart)

Hard 13HP (6.5x Heart)

Drops: 0-1 coal, 0-2 bones, stone sword, wither skeleton head, 0-3 string, 0-1 spider eye
Location: Light level >7, on a solid block
First Appearance: 1.0.17
Experience Points: 5 from the Wither Skeleton

5 from the Spider


For a list of all skeleton-related articles, see Skeleton (Disambiguation).

A Wither Skeleton Jockey is an extremely rare combination of mobs which consists of the already-rare Wither Skeleton riding atop a Spider.


Wither skeleton jockeys have only a 0.8% chance to spawn naturally in The Nether. There is also a very small chance to spawn one with a spider Spawn Egg. However, to be able to spawn one, the player must be in the Nether.


Wither Skeleton Jockeys attack a player as soon as they see him/her. If the wither skeleton touches a player with its stone sword, the player is instantly affected with the wither status effect. Once the wither skeleton is killed, the spider will start attacking.


The best strategy is to use a Bow to fight a wither skeleton jockey, as one should keep his/her distance to avoid getting the wither effect. However, an iron or diamond Sword would easily kill a wither skeleton jockey. It is also recommended to wear armor when fighting these.


When the wither skeleton dies, it may drop 0-1
, 0-1
, 0-1 Wither Skeleton Head, and rarely its stone sword. The spider, once killed, may drop 0-1
Spider Eyes


  • Wither skeletons can be spawned riding a Cave Spider, but this happens only in Pocket Edition.
  • Wither skeleton jockeys might not be able to spawn in the overworld, but spider jockeys do have a small chance to spawn at the nether, since skeletons have a chance to spawn there too.
  • Wither Skeleton Jockeys were added to Pocket Edition in Update 0.15.0 when the Wither Skeleton was added.
  • The wither skeleton has extremely low chances to spawn with armor.
  • Spiders, by themselves, cannot spawn naturally in the nether.


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