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Wither Storm
Wither Storm


Causing mass destruction



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"The Order of The Stone"


"The Order of The Stone" to "A Block and a Hard Place"

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Absorbs blocks and mobs to increase in strength

The Wither Storm is a mutated Wither found in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was created by building a wither with a Command Block in place of the middle Soul Sand.


When created, the wither storm resembled a regular wither with a command block attached to it, but as it started to suck blocks towards it, it eventually became a giant creature with long, powerful tentacles, 3 heads, glowing purple eyes, and large teeth.

The wither storm's appearance is almost nothing like a normal wither, as the only thing they have in common are the three heads. The wither storm is a massive monster resembling a floating island, with three huge heads that each have two rows of teeth. Each head has one huge, purple eyeball that can fire a tractor beam, which sucks in anything from Blocks to Mobs. It also has five (or more) tentacles. It has the same abilities as a normal wither, but it seems to have the power to absorb blocks, making the beast stronger.

At the end of Episode 3, the wither storm separated into 3 pieces, 2 that bear resemblance to the original wither storm, and one with a giant head.


A wither storm's behavior is similar to a regular wither's, but is on the more cataclysmic level. Though Ivor programmed the command block that was used for its creation to ensure that wither would obey him, it ultimately went berserk and caused destruction as it ignored him. Ultimately, the wither storm is a primal living force of destruction that only exist to destroy everything until nothing is left.

In episode 4, Ivor revealed that wither storm is not causing destruction randomly; when programming the command block that creates the storm, he also programmed to have it followed the Order of the Stone's amulet, which explained why the wither storm followed wherever Jesse and his friends went.


The wither storm is a very powerful creature. It can gain far superior capabilities with the help of the command block. Its powers are:

  • Firing wither skulls which explode violently on contact.
  • Using a tractor beam, sucking in any mobs or blocks in it and inflicting them with wither or wither sickness.
  • Using its many tentacles to break through obstacles (including obsidian) and to attack from a distance.

Compared to regular wither, wither storm's powers are so immense that it is more like the incarnation of God of Destruction. Its Wither Skull projectile's firepower is far more destructive, and it has developed the ability to project powerful tractor beams that sucks in any mobs or blocks in it, inflicting any mobs with Wither or Wither Sickness upon being devoured. It also displays God-like strength and durability, as its tentacles can easily break through Obsidian walls like a twig even before reaching massive size. The Wither Storm is also immune to conventional weapons. It's regenerative ability that comes from the Command Block used to create it is so potent that even after blown into pieces with Formidi-Bomb, Wither Storm will eventually resusciate in mere minutes as well as allowing some huge chunks of it to grow into an entire mob and take on lives of their own, which explained why two smaller Wither Storms emerge alongside the original one. It means had Wither Storm allowed itself to mutilate several times with destructive weapons such as Formidi-Bombs whilst its Command Block remained intact, it would allow the Wither Storm to overrun the whole world (which fortunately never happened).

In spite of the God-like strength that it possesses, the Wither Storm actually can be destroyed for good as it has a few weaknesses. It's true that it cannot withstand Formidi-Bomb's explosion and is incapacitated, but using a highly destructive weapon is not recommended as should it be blown into pieces, the Wither Storm would split into 3 or more mobs. The first thing that can delay the creature's advance is mutilation by an Enderman. The Enderman's ability to dismantle and move blocks caused rapid and significant harm on the Wither Storm and a sufficiently large horde is enough to keep harming it to the extent that it cannot regenerate. The only thing that can destroy Wither Storm as well as its brethren is destroying the Command Block with weapons that are enchanted with the same power as the Command Block itself.

The wither storm has another unique ability: its heads pop out inside his body, as shown in Episode 4: A Block in a Hard Place, where Jesse went inside the beast and two of its heads attacked him by popping out from the skin.

Summoning a Wither Storm

A Wither Storm can be created with the same materials and same fashion as the wither. The difference is that the middle soul sand must be replaced with Command Block since it functions as the wither storm's heart. Once brought to life, the Wither Storm will at first have a typical Wither-like form, but it will assimilate any objects around it which will evolve it into a floating behemoth with long, powerful tentacles, 3 heads, glowing purple eyes, and large teeth. At the end of episode 3, the failed attempt to destroy the Wither Storm caused it to evolve and separate into 3 pieces, 2 that bear resemblance to the original Wither Storm, and one with a giant head.


In the game, Minecraft: Story Mode, the Wither Storm appears as the main antagonist of the first four episodes. The Wither Storm was created by Ivor, and it was intended to be used to outclass Gabriel. Ivor lost control of the wither storm after it started to absorb surrounding blocks, however.

In "The Last Place You Look", the Wither Storm was believed to have been killed by the Formidi-bomb. However, the blast did not destroy the Command Block, and the beast rebuilt itself. Two tiny Wither Storms, and one main Wither Storm (the one with the Command Block) were formed as a result. The Wither Storm was killed by Jesse when the Command Block was destroyed.