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This article or section contains information from Minecraft: Story Mode, a stand-alone Minecraft adventure produced by Telltale Games, in collaboration with Mojang. The content herein may not be available/accessible in other versions of Minecraft. Click here for a more-detailed article on this subject, located at Minecraft: Story Mode Wiki.
Wither Storm
Wither Storm


Causing mass destruction



First appearance

"The Order of The Stone"


"The Order of The Stone" to "A Block and a Hard Place"

Voice actor



Absorb blocks and mobs and increase strength

The Witherstorm is a mutated Wither found in Minecraft: Story Mode. It was created by building a Wither with a Command Block replacing the middle soul sand.


The Witherstorm was created by Ivor and was intended to be used to show up Gabriel, who then lost control of the storm after it started to absorb surrounding blocks. It has the same abilities as a normal Wither, but it seems to have the power to absorb blocks, making the beast stronger. It's appearance looks almost nothing like it's counterpart as the only thing that related to it and the Wither is the three heads. Apart from that, it is a massive monster that looks kind of like a floating island with three huge heads that each have 2 rows of teeth and one huge purple eyeball that can fire a tractor beam that starts sucking in anything from blocks to mobs. It also has 5 (or more) tentacles. It was thought that in Episode 3 (The last place you look) that it was killed by the formidi-bomb. However, the blast did not destroy the command block, and the beast rebuilt itself. It is two tiny witherstorms and one main Wither storm (with the command block)

The Wither Storm has another unique ability to have is heads pop out inside his body like it did in Episode 4: A Block in a Hard Place where Jesse went inside the Storm and 2 of its heads attacked him by poping out from the skin.

Composed of the same blocks as a normal Wither, the Witherstorm's only difference is the command block located under the middle Wither skull.

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